For the last two and a half years, LifeLine Foods President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kevin Kelly, has lead the business on a massive growth curve. The former General Mills flour executive joined LifeLine in 2017 with an aggressive plan to continue LifeLine’s growth and brand recognition on a national scale.

We sat down with Kelly to discuss the rewarding nature of representing LifeLine as well as some of the challenges he has faced in his role.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: Working with a great team of people here at LifeLine Foods is the most rewarding part! And being able to produce value-added ingredients for some of America’s largest food product manufacturers is an added bonus.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the industry?

A: The agricultural/food industry is fast-paced and always rapidly changing based on consumer trends. We especially see that in Millennial and Gen Z spending trends, they are willing to pay more for better-for-you ingredients and experiences. Each day brings new challenges I look forward to meeting!

Q: How do you believe corn milling will fare in the future?

A: Corn is one of nature’s most versatile and valuable foods. The corn milling industry has a long and sustainable future ahead of it. Just as corn milling has a sustainable future ahead, so does LifeLine Foods. Our Masa Mill expansion is well underway and closing in on final finishes for construction completion.

Kelly came in with a clear 5-year plan for LifeLine Foods, and the creation of the Specialty Mill and the Masa Mill are a part of that vision. As CEO, Kelly has taken great strides to encourage growth for not only LifeLine Foods but for the community of St. Joseph – creating jobs and improving the quality of life for Missouri residents. We’re proud to have him at the helm at LifeLine Foods!