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LifeLine Foods truly believes one of the differentiating elements of our business is that we know our farmers. The best quality corn is grown right here in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas.


We are proud to partner with area farmers in providing the highest quality corn ingredients to our customers. Our grain procurement program ensures you are getting the best value for your efforts.

Whether you are interested in selling using a spot cash sale or a contract or want to learn more about our incentives for quality corn, white corn, Non-GMO or certified organic corn, please contact our grain procurement team.



Priced Contracts

A Priced Contract allows the grower to secure a specific price for a predetermined delivery, whether this is at a future date or for an immediate request. 


Under this contract, the grower agrees to provide corn in a specific quantity and quality for a certain delivery period at the cash price determined by LifeLine Food’s board price on the day the corn is sold.

Basis Contract

A Basis Contract allows the grower to secure a basis now while confirming a future price for another date. 


Under this contract, the grower agrees to provide corn in a specific quantity and quality for a certain delivery period. This basis is secured on the contract at this time. The final price is not determined immediately by securing the futures prices and subtracting/adding the basis value – all of which is indicated on the grower’s contract with LifeLine Foods.

Delayed Price Contracts

A Delayed Price Contract allows the grower the ability to deliver the corn today and price the product at a future date determined by LifeLine Foods. 


Under this contract, the grower delivers their corn to LifeLine Foods St. Joseph location, but the cash price is lower than they want at the given time. This contract allows for growers to deliver their products and hold off on securing a price until the contract expires or prices increase to the grower’s satisfaction.


*Note that the charges under a Delayed Price Contract vary per product and during certain times of the year. These contracts are subject to be ended by LifeLine Foods at any time.



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