Daily, we manufacture and ship more than a million pounds of food ingredients. With a sharp increase in business over the last few years, we knew we had to move away from a manual bagging system. One of the biggest issues with manual packaging was the resulting ergonomic effects on operators. Implementing a new system was a necessity.

Our new packaging line includes two scale-feeding systems, a high-speed open-mouth bagging machine, a pinch-top bag sealer, a robotic bag palletizer, and a stretch hooder—all from Premier Tech. The automated line fills and seals bags at twice the previous rate and helps ensure safety, speed, and accuracy.

Read more about the new bagging line here: https://nas/content/live/lifelinefoods.packworld.com/article/ machinery/palletizing/robotic-palletizers/new-bagging-line-brings-worker-safety-more