LifeLine Foods has partnered with a real mom who cares about traceability in the food her family eats and believes in the value of corn health. Kris and her husband are raising kids on a farm in the rural Midwest with a dozen chickens, three dogs, and a hedgehog.

As Kris frequented the health-food aisle at the local grocery store more regularly, she became frustrated by the lack of traceability with most products. Kris wanted to know where the food came from, how it’s made, and who is responsible for growing the ingredients we all consume.

LifeLine Foods approached Kris and asked her to share her story, her frustrations, and appeal to the companies that feed our families to buy products that are traceable, sustainable, and healthy. Corn has been a staple in Kris’ community and her families lifeblood, and she feels it’s a privilege to share LifeLine’s message to help nourish more families like hers

Through her blog, A Bushel & A Plate, she hopes to inspire you with nourishing recipes and lifestyle tips that will bring you a more wholesome home. Find inspiration for tonight’s dinner, lifestyle updates, cleaning hacks and more. Follow along on her journey on her blog, Instagram or Facebook.