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    New Specialty Mill

    For IFT this year, we really asked ourselves how we can bring the party to New Orleans. Our answer? What kind of Midwestern corn milling company would we be if we didn’t encourage the world to play more cornhole! Join us for a round of cornhole. Interested in our products, or just want to drop in for a chance to win your own cornhole set and toss a few corn bags? Come see us at Booth 1056!

    Join us at Booth 1056 for a chance to win a cornhole set!

    This year at IFT, we’re sharing more about our specialty corn mill products. And playing a lot of cornhole. Because what kind of Midwest corn company would we be if we don’t encourage the world to play more cornhole?


    Our Mission

    At LifeLine Foods, we are committed to producing the highest-quality corn ingredients on the market. We are innovators who constantly strive to expand the possibilities of our corn. Let us show you what corn can do.

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    Our 600+ progressive farmer-owners participate in globally recognized, sustainable agriculture practices.


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    LifeLine Foods utilizes state of the art milling technology to provide our customers with the highest quality corn products on the market.


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    Our products meet quality standards such as Certified Whole Grain, Kosher Pareve Certified, and non-GMO.


    LifeLine Foods has teamed alongside a real mom on her journey to discover the many possibilities corn has to offer. With delicious recipes, health secrets and more, you can join her on her mission in making healthy lifestyle choices for her family.


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