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Welcome to LifeLine Foods
  • LifeLine Foods, located in Saint Joseph, Missouri, is a leading innovative company producing products for both domestic and international markets. The items produced originate from two primary business enterprises; corn-based food ingredients and ethanol. The key advantage to LifeLine‚Äôs business model is the unique ability to extract maximum value from the corn kernel and capitalize on both the food and ethanol production.

    Strategically located on the southwestern edge of the U.S. corn belt, LifeLine is placed on 38 acres with a 750,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The consolidated facility provides many advantages including efficiency, safety and flexibility of the products produced, all of which are manufactured under the AIB standards and are Kosher certified.

LifeLine focuses on consumer preferences and continually strives for efficiency providing a safe, high quality and healthy food supply with no compromise to honesty and integrity.