We sat down with Kris from A Bushel & A Plate to discuss the importance of eating good food and knowing the farmers who grew the food she feeds to her family. Through her blog, Kris aims to navigate the community on how to nourish their families with traceable, sustainable food.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started A Bushel & A Plate?
    Midwestern born and raised, my grandfathers were both farmers. I don’t farm, but I got the farming gene. On a good year, I have several gardens — one just for pumpkins and everything FALL to help create a comfy home and healthy kids. A Bushel & A Plate is a result of my love of rural life, cooking and writing.
  2.  Why do you believe in the corn health movement?
    When I was growing up, I learned there was nothing nutritionally redeeming about corn, which was not true. Corn is good for digestion, includes essential minerals and antioxidants and is a versatile, gluten-free option.
  3. What has been your favorite recipe that has been posted so far?
    The recipe for Taco Soup is a show stopper, and don’t look now… but here comes soup season: FALL
  4. What kitchen utensil could you absolutely not live without?
    On the not-so-healthy end of the spectrum, I love pie. Is there anything better in this world than a piece of pie? I say, “no.” My favorites include fruit from our backyard orchard and vines, and I could not get along without my pastry blender!
  5. What recipe have you shared on the blog that you’ve been dying to try that you admittedly didn’t make?
    The Lemon Cornmeal Cake recipe looked so good that I had to share on the blog. I can imagine the taste. I borrowed the recipe, but I admit that I have not made it.
  6. What’s your favorite part about living in the Midwest? 
    Living in the Midwest offers plenty of challenges — tornadoes, flooding and occasional snow storms. There to help us through it all were our neighbors, offering vegetables and fruit from their gardens, sandbagging along the Mighty Missouri River and using their tractor to plow our long driveway. Kindness, generosity and caring abound in the Midwest. It’s humbling.
  7. What has been the most rewarding part about A Bushel & A Plate so far? 
    Writing A Bushel & A Plate gives me a new appreciation for our rural lifestyle every single day. How many people can say they have goats playing on a teeter totter in their back yard?

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