Masa Mill Operator

Primary Purpose of Position: This is the lead position in the shift operations of the Masa Mill. This is accomplished through a thorough understanding of the Masa Milling operation and successful completion of various tasks to optimize the overall performance of the mill.


  • The operation of all equipment pertaining to the Masa Mill operation including the cleaning and tempering systems, cooking, drying, binning of products and all other equipment related to the mill performance.
  • All necessary on-line quality checks, such as moistures and sieves, and the use of the lab equipment for the tests. This will also include the use of statistical data to make decisions around the process quality.
  • Completion of various shift reports, including outputs, quality data as well as documentation of issues/changes made on the process during the operation on shift.
  • Maintenance and PM responsibilities which will include the oiling of equipment, sieve repair and screen replacement, belt changing and various repairs to mill equipment and spouting. These duties will also include documentation of changes as well as work orders and other related paperwork.
  • Cleaning responsibilities which will include GMP expectations for daily, weekly and monthly requirements. This will include completion of all Master Sanitation requirements including documentation as well as general clean-up duties for daily sanitation and fumigations.
  • Responsibility for safe work practices, as well as helping to create a safe work environment through the use of OSHA-required programs and the necessary documentation. These will include LOTO, Machine Guarding and Personal and Protective Equipment guidelines as well as other pertinent safety requirements.
  • General written, verbal and computer skills to be able to communicate effectively with other mill personnel as well as with all other Plant functions. This will include data tracking, reporting, follow-up work and correspondence as needed.
  • Participation in a team environment which will include participation in meetings, working with other team members to solve problems and identify issues and accept a leadership role when necessary to ensure peek mill performance and results. This may include participation in testing, troubleshooting systems and equipment as well as working with outside vendors and/or consultants in correcting mill issues.
  • Understand all areas of the Masa Mill operation. This will include the interrelationship of all of the mill flows and processes as well as all other requirements of the position. The Masa Mill Operator will also be a key person in the training of all incoming personnel, which will include documentation of progress for performance assessment.
  • Other duties may be assigned as necessary to ensure the overall performance of the milling operation and/or the needs of Lifeline Foods.
  • Responsible for food safety and quality.

Minimum Requirements: Candidates should have either a high school diploma or the equivalent. Previous milling experience would be a plus for a candidate to fill this position, either from within Lifeline Foods or an outside source.

Shift Hours: 12-hour day shifts.