Dry Corn Mill Products

Dry Corn Mill

LifeLine’s Dry Corn Mill produces various granulations ranging from Coarse Grits to Fine Flours

Dry Corn Mill Products

Brewers Grits

Brewers Grits are utilized in the fermentation process of beer manufacturing and also is a great breakfast alternative.

Snack Meal

Snack Meal can be utilized in a wide range of extruded and dry mix applications, along with an ingredient that is utilized in bakery and pet food products.

Corn Meals

Corn Meals are typically used in the bakery industry to make bread and breaded foods like muffin coatings, hush puppies and corn dogs. The corn meal is also used to provide U.S. Aid to third world countries.

Corn Flour

Corn Flour blends well with other food ingredients and can be used as a filler, binder and thickener in batter mixes, cookie, pastries and meat industries.

Our Masa Flours are certified as “whole grain” by the Whole Grains Council


Building a Sustainable corn ingredient supply for years to come.

Our sustainability program focuses on enhancing our environmental, social and economic platforms. The program is dynamic and will continue to evolve throughout the coming years.

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