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Meet the Team


Robin Venn

With LifeLine Foods Since 2010
25 Years of Experience in the Field


Robin was CEO/GM for TOP AG Cooperative and has previous experience working with POET Biorefining-Laddonia as General Manager where he held full P&L accountability for all business and plant operations for a startup. Prior to joining POET Biorefining, Robin was Vice President and General Manager of Operations for American Italian Pasta Company where he had multi-site accountability and charged with turning around poorly performing operations. Robin obtained his Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.




Matthew Gibson, Ph. D.

VP - Sales & Tech Service
 With LifeLine Foods Since 2010
22 Years of Experience in the Field


Matt has focused his entire career on the production of safe, quality food. Before joining our company, employers included Farmland, Rhône-Poulenc (now Addiseo), Pfizer, Peak Animal Consulting, POET (ethanol), and ICM. Duties have included Technical Service/Sales, R&D, Marketing, and Business Development. Matt has functioned at both the process level and at the executive level in all areas. Matt obtained his B.S. & M.S. degrees (both Texas Tech University), and Ph.D. (Washington State University). Both advanced degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.) are in Nutrition.


About LifeLine Foods

Honesty & IntegrityLifeLine Foods is proud to be the corn processing company that has brought producer/owners and processors together to provide the customer with high quality grain products with no compromise on honesty and integrity.

Exceptional Quality LifeLine Foods' grains have been genetically selected to produce exceptional mill ability without compromising the customer's quality attributes in finished products. LifeLine's relationship with its primary owner AgraMarke Quality Grains, Inc as its supplier of raw grain, enhances the quality traits that are critical to the milling process.

Relationship-Oriented LifeLine is built on the strength and character of our people. We are a relationship-oriented company that continually encourages and develops the individual talents of our personnel to better serve our customers.

HistoryIn the Spring of 1996, twenty progressive producers, land-owners and agriculture-related businessmen in the St. Joseph area developed a local cooperative with primary objectives of expanding agricultural markets and providing a viable business that would stabilize the agricultural economy of the community. The concept was to pool the group's knowledge, production and resources to grow identity-preserved grains, focusing on research and the newest agricultural technologies. The company was called "AgraMarke" which stands for Agricultural Research, Administration, Marketing and Education.

In January of 2000, a facility located in St. Joseph, Missouri became available for purchase. This sale included the building on a 38-acre tract of land, certain physical assets of the plant and selected processing and grain handling equipment. This location was a natural fit for the members of AgraMarke. The consolidated facility offered many advantages for the company including efficiency, safety and flexibility of the products produced. The company would be able to integrate the talents of AgraMarke's producers with a processing facility capable of keeping grains segregated and thus targeting specific food uses. The relationship between producers and processing would enhance the traceability, efficiency and quality of food products.

AgraMarke pursued the purchase and created a new entity called LifeLine Foods, LLC (LifeLine). In June 2001, LifeLine assumed ownership of the facility and began renovation and operations. At the time of purchase, AgraMarke was comprised of 350 producers from the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. The location was easily accessible to Interstate 29, Interstate 229 and U.S. Hwy 36 and had rail service via the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific.

By 2004 LifeLine Foods had become a vertically integrated company built by its stockholders with a commitment to quality, reliability and trust. As a young company in a mature industry, LifeLine Foods emerged with a reputation as a relationship-oriented solutions provider with a focus on innovation. By addressing the needs of their customer, the company grew to become a strong competitor in the manufacture of corn-based food ingredients.

With a never ending quest for improvement and efficiency, LifeLine's farmer owners decided to team with ICM, Inc in February of 2006 to capture immediate competency in both food and energy. ICM, Inc was a world leader in ethanol facility design and engineering. ICM's expertise, industry knowledge and innovative capabilities supported LifeLine's ability to take advantage of the synergies between food and energy production. The efficiencies are shared with customers in the form of higher quality food products due to LifeLine's enhanced ability to select only the top quality portions of the kernel for ingredients at competitive prices.

Today, the initial cooperative, formerly AgraMarke now AgraMarke Quality Grains, has grown from 350 producer owners to over 600. LifeLine has become the first plant in the country to utilize a proprietary technology developed to produce both food and fuel. With this technology, LifeLine is now positioned to strengthen their commitment to their customers in the food industry and additionally provide a solution in supplying both food and fuel.